Landing Page Optimization

  • 85% lift in add to cart clicks for an ecommerce client by optimizing their landing page.

Form Optimization

  • 3% lift for a major airline’s loyalty club application form submissions.
  • 16% lift in lead form submissions for a major insurance company’s life insurance products.

Shopping Cart Optimization

  • $500,000 lift in revenue for a global electronics manufacturer by optimizing the shopping cart.

Copy Optimization

  • 12% lift in emails gathered for a Black Friday promotion using copy optimization.
  • 20% lift in engagement with the global navigation for a B2B site.
  • 55% lift in engagement of the main menu items for a global electronics manufacturer.

Other Improvements

  • 17% lift in registrations for a global airline’s hotel and car bookings site.
  • 18% lift in protection plan purchases for a mid sized electronics retailer.
  • 48% lift in add to carts and $300,000/month in additional revenue for an electronics retailer.
  • 100% increase in CTR for a weekly newsletter in just 4 months by analyzing past content performance and optimizing a content strategy for a small SaaS company.